In Olesa de Montserrat, at the foot of our mountain, our lands and our people, we had in the past, an important winemaking tradition that almost disappeared due to phylloxera, since then, the landscape has been transformed and the crops that were changing towards the cultivation of the olive tree and the production of high quality oil which is what we know today. At Celler Cadevall it makes us feel very proud to be recovering and bottling this lost wine tradition in our town.

night at olesa de montserrat

Celler Cadevall was founded from family work for the love of the vine and obtaining its fruit, the wine. A passion that has been growing year after year. When we started this project we were clear that we did not intend to make large volumes of wine, our philosophy is to work thoroughly in the vineyard to obtain the best possible fruit and produce a wine with the best quality.

And where do we want to go?

Our winery intends to produce a quality wine from old and emblematic vineyards such as those of 'Boter' or Mas Sant Jaume, adding those of our young family vineyard, thus connecting the past and the present viticulture so that the people of Olesa and everywhere know and taste everything that our project wants to offer. Quality wines.

vineyard  Boter a olesa
Currently, the wine we produce is our range of young wines with some semi-aging in steel that results in wines with a lot of fruit. We are very satisfied to put the best expression of our town in each bottle, and for this we have a team with a lot of passion behind it. Starting with the viticulturists who work the vineyards; the winery staff who, together with our oenologist Mariano Bigordà, a person with great experience and love for wine, make the magic of our wines possible.